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Entertainment at Rosewood

At Rosewood Care Home, we firmly believe that the body and the mind are very closely linked and that keeping the body active, even for those who are perhaps less mobile than they once were, can also do wonders for their state of mind. As such, we have an Activities Co-Ordinator on the team, whose role it is to run a programme of pastimes to stimulate both body and mind.

In order to enable our residents to lead fulfilled lives, it is important that a stimulating activities program is on offer. The following are amongst the various activities we regularly offer our residents.

We employ a dedicated activities organiser who does:

  •     Art, drawing and painting

  •     Scrabble and card games, puzzles and word games

  •     Reminiscence therapy.

  •     Seasonal Celebrations

  •     Decorating cards

  •     One to One sessions

For recent activities, events and outings please see our blog